Where to buy odd shaped boxes

A new approach to flexible packaging now available!

Efficient and sustainable concepts are transforming the nature of packaging worldwide. An international company JustFoldMe is leading this change with an innovative product: perforated cardboard sheets which enable businesses to make different size boxes that fit their products down to T.

So, where to buy odd shaped boxes?


More than 100 billion parcels sent per year means more than 100 billion goods in transport (+ 20% growth/year). Numerous of which are shipped by multiproduct companies that are in need of customized packaging supplies based on size, weight and impact resistance of each product. All of this results in higher costs that, needless to say, are even bigger because of the required minimum order quantity. Recognizing this problem and the consequent need for large storage spaces to stockpile boxes, JustFoldMe developed a new, first of its kind flexible packaging approach that optimizes efficiency and sustainability, while still reducing processing costs.

JustFoldMe, an innovative approach to packaging

JustFoldMe are cardboard sheets made out of high-quality material. Each cardboard sheet is perforated either every 1 inch (2.5 cm) or 2 inches (5 cm) for easy cutting and folding into a box of the desired size. Brown or white cardboard sheets come in dimensions of 40×40 cm or 80×40 cm, and can be folded into any of the 1300 different sized boxes, from a 5x5x5 cm to a 60x20x20 cm box.

Cardboard sheets are easy to fold with the help of JustFoldMe mobile calculator app. Users need to only measure their product, enter the data inside the mobile calculator app and receive easy customized instructions for folding a box of any size. A definite no-brainer.

The maximum sizes of boxes made out of JustFoldMe cardboard sheets are: 20x20x60 cm, 15x25x60 cm, 10x30x70 cm and 5x35x70 cm.

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Fold a box of any size in 3 easy steps:

how to fold odd shaped boxes

Meeting the demands of the product, the market and the environment

In comparison to other packaging concepts, JustFoldMe helps businesses to:

  1. make boxes of different sizes that fit each product perfectly
  2. order without minimum quantity required and save money
  3. save space by eliminating the need to stockpile shipping boxes of multiple sizes.


Folded to fit perfectly

JustFoldMe has developed and patented a unique method of perforation, so cardboard sheets remain durable and suitable for the packing of any product. They can match the size of any given product allowing business owners to fold a cardboard sheet into a box of any desired size. The high quality cardboard material ensures products are transported safely and without damage, arriving unharmed to the customer’s doorstep.

No need to buy too much or store too many

JustFoldMe frees the businesses on the market from having to order shipping boxes in large quantities, allowing them to optimize their costs and reduce waste. The foldable nature of cardboard sheets consumes less space and enables companies to save on warehouse place. Leftovers from cutting each cardboard sheet can always be used for folding the next box, resulting in zero waste.

Environmentally friendly

Since JustFoldMe cardboard sheets are a perfect fit for any product, it means they reduce empty space inside the packaging and consume less space during transport. They prevent damage and need no cushioning material. They are made out of carbon based material, which is biodegradable. End users can either find new value in them by reusing them or curbside-recycle them.

As first on the market JustFoldMe is focused on driving change and making ordinary tasks easier, more efficient and economic.

As said by Simon Sinigoj, the CEO of JustFoldMe: “We listened to the e-commerce sphere and heard how online store owners were dissatisfied with existing packaging methods, cost of cushioning material and the amount of shipping air in transport. We recognized customized shipping boxes are a real problem and invested great efforts into developing a product that meets the market needs in whole.”

The multiple product nature of e-commerce and start-up businesses demands innovative solutions that are user, nature and economy friendly. Answering to different needs by being the whole package in one – just like JustFoldMe cardboard sheets.

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