Small gift boxes at Walmart

We never realize all the things we have until we make a move. In that moment of moving all our belongings, we discovered the number of accessories, books, clothes, and objects that belong to us. Many of us have heard of small gift boxes at Walmart, however, it is the best for transport, handling, and management of items to the place where we move.

Therefore, it is necessary to have small cardboard boxes to move all our belongings. cardboard boxes are the ideal object to move all kinds of objects without spoiling them and thus move them in the best conditions and protect them from bumps and falls.

Cardboard boxes: ideal for a move or transport

Cardboard is generally used as product packaging material. Using cardboard has several benefits since it protects the elements that are being transported, in addition to being very economical and multiple designs can be manufactured.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of small cardboard boxes that adapt to our needs and cover any size both width and length. Long and rectangular boxes, small square boxes or closet and iron-shaped boxes are some of the models that can be used on any occasion and not just a move.

They are also ideal for making a gift and sending it by mail, especially if the object is large. Another positive point of cardboard boxes is that in addition to light, easy to use and get are also very economical. In fact, there are many types of cheap cardboard boxes that fit our needs.

Of course, cardboard boxes must be accompanied by other protective and packaging elements. And although it is easy to manipulate, it is also simple to break. The good thing about cardboard is that it is manipulable and easily handled, so we must cover delicate objects and be careful when moving these products.


Advantages of cardboard boxes

The good thing about cardboard is that it is a material that accepts a wide variety of formats for sending small and large products. Thus, there are simple JustFoldMe cardboard sheets, from which you can make custom size shipping boxes that fits to your parcel without adding air bubbles. You can also make double cardboard boxes to better protect, specific for removals such as closet boxes, e-commerce specials, and gift boxes.

On the other hand, the boxes used for packaging can be reused and are lightweight so they are ideal for loading and unloading. It is not necessary to have too many and can be folded to store.

And it is that both if you have an eCommerce business as if you are going to make a move the ideal is to have a pack of boxes according to the measures you need since it saves you having to buy the boxes separately. On the other hand, it is convenient to have several if you are going to make a move or relocate.

Other benefits of cardboard are the following:

  • It can be recycled as a biodegradable material.
  • It is light which reduces shipping and fuel costs in case we make the move.
  • The boxes can be easily labeled and painted so as not to lose the contents of the interior.
  • They can be stacked in a truck to take up less space.
  • They can be reused to store objects or with a decorative motif.

The next crucial consideration is storage. If you are in need of different retail box sizes and do not have space to store them or, moreover if you want to minimize the cost of storage space, you need to find a solution that saves on warehouse place. The issue of minimum quantity order requirement can hinder all of the above, but luckily JustFoldMe solves all three at once.

VIDEO: How to make simple DIY cardboard box

IMPORTANT! To make this process easier you can use the wizard on the website: Follow the steps in our calculator: 1. Measure your item 2. Insert length, width, heigh in calculator 3. Click INSTRUCTIONS and then click GUIDE button 4. CUT OUT the desired cardboard size. Perforated cardboard sheets can be found here.  5. CUT the cardboard 3 times on both sides as our wizard is showing 6. FOLD the piece of cardboard 3 times. 7. TAPE the folded edges together. 8. CLOSE both sides of the box. 9. WELL DONE! Your small shipping box is ready for shipping.

Where can I get JustFoldMe cardboard sheets

The cardboard sheets are perforated grid, so you can easily fold them to make a custom-made cardboard packaging box for each dimension you want. However, they are made according to your request. All you need to do is just to fill in the dimensions of the size you need in the mobile app and follow the instructions shown. At you can get JustFoldMe Cardboard Sheets at a very affordable price. You can order a customizable cardboard box that suits your needs. Just like other small gift boxes at Walmart, you can use it for many purposes at will. Order yours now.


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