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Cardboard Sheets for Folding Shipping Box Overseas 80x80cm (10 pcs) With Self-Adhesive Tape


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Sheet? For real?

✅  Pre-installed strong adhesive tape
✅  Easy folding with the help of our FREE mobile calculator app
✅  One cardboard sheet for multiple size cardboard boxes
✅  No minimum order quantity required

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Packaging for making shipping box overseas includes:

  • – 10 cardboard sheets 80x40cm
  • – pre-installed strong self-adhesive tape

Folding shipping box overseas and shipping different size products is now super easy! At JustFoldMe we’ve developed innovative cardboard sheets with interactive instructions showing you how to easily make shipping box that fits various size products.

With this brand NEW product which has been already tested by our existing clients, you will get many benefits. WHY?

✅  Save on overseas shipping costs with a flexible packaging solution.

✅  Instead of buying air bubbles and other filling materials you can now use our flexible packaging solution.

✅  Thanks to high-quality 4mm thick cardboard and very strong adhesive tape you can stand even on the box. So your items are safe to ship.

✅  You will get FREE mobile instruction included in our app.

✅  You will no longer ship air in your shipping box and therefore SAVE on shipping costs!

✅  You will no longer lose your time looking for a specific dimension all over the internet.

✅  Stockpiling is now the past. Buy our flexible product instead of buying big quantities of standard size shipping boxes.

✅  With JustFoldMe cardboard sheets you can make shipping box overseas of 800+ various dimensions.

How to use JustFoldMe overseas shipping box?

Don’t fold just yet!
Let us help you start. Measure the length, width and height of your product and insert the measurements into our mobile calculator app.

Time to make the cut and fold.
Cut out the calculated squares from the original cardboard sheet and then fold it into the box. Fold the piece of cardboard sheet 5 times, tape the folded edges together and easily close both sides of the box.

Finish with 3 simple moves.
Fold. Tape. Close. 

What are the maximum shipping overseas box sizes you can make?

  • – 80x40cm sheet fits all sizes to max. 20×17.5x20cm / 15×22.5x25cm / 10×27.5x30cm / 5×32.5x35cm
  • – 80x80cm sheet fits all sizes to max. 40×37.5x40cm / 35×42.5x45cm / 30×47.5x50cm / 25×52.5x55cm / 20×57.5x60cm / 15×62.5x65cm

shipping box overseas

Features & Specification

  • – You can choose between 800+ various dimensions. 
  • – Each cardboard sheet is 4 mm thick and has a perforated grid on both sides with one perforation per every 1’’ (2.5 cm). Making cutting and folding easier.
  • – The cardboard sheet is strong enough to withstand pressure from the inside and outside without bending. The length between every fold is designed to offer you the maximum flexibility in choosing your desired box dimension.
  • – Very strong TESA self-adhesive tape included
  • – Safety knife included


  • – SHIPPING WEIGHT 80x80cm = 3.4kg, 80x40cm = 1.8 kg
  • – PERFORATION: 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm
  • – COLOUR: brown 
Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 81 × 81 × 3.5 cm

White, Brown

4 reviews for Cardboard Sheets for Folding Shipping Box Overseas 80x80cm (10 pcs) With Self-Adhesive Tape

  1. Vida T

    4 out of 5

    Excellent company and excellent service. Product very useful for different size packing! I love it. First time it was difficult to fold but then …

  2. fmo

    4 out of 5

    Good store and fast shippement. Product is also great even I needed long time to fold it for a first time.

  3. Carlos s.

    4 out of 5

    Very prompt service, thank you. Will reorder when I will need. I think there are still few things to improve. For example add tape with the parcel 🙂

  4. AS

    5 out of 5

    I had been looking for something like this as I send a fair amount of parcels that are all different sizes. It is a bit more expensive and takes a bit more time than i would have liked, but it does the job and time required improves with experience..

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