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If you’re someone who wants to start an eCommerce site or you’re already running an online store you probably often search for the best packaging material for e-commerce, right? The fact is people in the e-Commerce industry are facing countless problems while selecting and procuring the right packaging for different size products. There is a minimum order quantity required when ordering shipping supplies from big companies,  a lot of waste, lack of eco-friendly materials, extra costs and so on. These challenges are causing difficulties in the business and we will try to describe a few solutions.

There is unprecedented growth in the e-commerce sector due to the increasing number of online consumers. According to statistics, especially e-commerce has had a big impact on shipping volumes and spend. In total, there were 87 billion parcels shipped worldwide in 2018, according to Pitney Bowes. This constitutes a 104 percent increase compared to 2014. This is showing us how frequently people use packaging materials so it is very important that these materials are not dangerous to us. There is a strong competition among all e-commerce company due the nature of the growth and they are putting enough effort to win their consumers faith through various means this means is rapid delivery services, Innovative way of touching the consumers, providing them seamless, rapid and regular updates on order status and tracking facts, giving convenient and many other. Below are the different packaging materials which the e-Commerce industry majorly uses to solve their packaging pain points.

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Courier bags

Courier bags are flexible pouch which is extensively used for shipping purposes and have specific features like tamper-proof, bubble, or POD jackets. These bags vary from simple courier bags to the specialized one which is used to satisfy specific packaging use.  You will find bubbles in the bags which give you additional protection and allows you to ship breakable items like sunglasses, bottles, glasses, and other fragile items.

These bags make available high – strength and are water-resistant. Another feature is POD jackets in bags which can be used to enhance invoice and supplementary documents with the parcel. The biggest disadvantage you have to consider is that courier bags are certainly not eco-friendly and can not be reused or recycled.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are extremely common and are used widely in packaging material for the e-Commerce industry; they are the best packaging solution because they are very strong, highly durable and they can be used also for packing fragile products. The outer brown box always keeps the product inside safe while storing and shipping the product. This secondary packaging solution is obtainable in different sizes, styles with diverse specifications.

But when you are looking for shipping supplies without minimum order quantity required is a big challenge. Start-ups companies want to test their products and they don’t want to invest too much on packaging initially hence keep seeking trivial quantities at the beginning.  But there is a good packing solution that will enable you to pack products of different sizes without minimum order quantity required.


Security Envelopes

security envelopes buy

Security envelopes are specialized packaging material with advanced features they help in securing the company’s product from counterfeiting. These types of security envelopes are much more different from paper-based, the metallic multilayer bubble envelopes. These other types of envelopes look like a normal envelope and they are used to ship documents securely. These envelopes are laminated from inside and incorporate a specific specialized feature which made your document harmless by preventing undesirable tearing and tampering. Multilayer bubble envelop are dedicated one which is used to pack electronic items.

Protective Packaging

It is very hard to find a packaging supply that fits closely to a product you want to ship. Most mailing boxes are expressively larger than the items they’re designed to hold. In such case, you can use packing peanuts. This styrofoam established exceedingly lightweight E shaped material fills the voids and provides cushioning to the packed product. Due to its lightweight, this material aids in reducing postage and shipping costs and commonly feature an interlocking, E-shaped design that functions as a dual purpose, as well as reducing migration, so the peanuts don’t just settle on the bottom of boxes and providing products with dependable cushioning. But again, you have to consider that packing peanuts are not eco-friendly and can not be recycled.

There are also different types of NOT eco-friendly packaging materials which can be provided by the Industries examples are:

  • Air Bubble Bags
  • Bubble Wrap with Large Air Pockets or Big Bubble Size
  • Corrugated Rolls
  • Foam Bags
  • Stretch/Cling Film Wrap Rolls
  • Shrink Packaging Films
  • Plastic Strapping Solutions
  • Polythene Bags
  • Lock Bags
  • Air Bubble Rolls

There are also machines for the packaging of these products and they are:

  • Sealing Machines
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Strapping Machines
  • Shrink Packaging Machines

Times are changing, E-commerces are looking for eco-friendly packaging without plastic

The world is currently manufacturing approximately 300 million tons of plastic each year – a significant amount of which will end up in the oceans. Unluckily, although plastic is a beneficial product, many of these products are produced for single-use – with a probable 50 percent of the plastic used once and thrown away. Not only is this dangerous to the environment and the oceans, but it is also harmful to wildlife. According to the Ocean Conservancy, plastic has been found in more than 60 percent of all seabirds and 100 percent of sea turtle classes. Ingesting plastic has severe effects on wildlife – and this plastic sooner or later ends up being digested by humans. People who eat fishes are at risk of eating 11,000 fragments of plastic each year, this is according to the recent study.

And half of all plastic manufactured turns out to be trash. In the U.K, almost 5 million tons of plastic wastes are produced every year and only 26 percent of these plastics are being recycled, this is according to the World Wildlife Fund. Plastics can take hundreds of years to diminish in nature, where it is harmful to animal life and ecosystems, and it discharges greenhouse gases into the atmosphere if burned. It’s not just a problem of deadly waste: the manufacture of plastic using fossil fuels adds an estimated 5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions which increases to the warming of the planet.




We recommend using cardboard boxes that are eco-friendly and fit the size of the product. You can also find this cardboard packaging material at, we offer cardboard sheets of top quality and these cardboard sheets are easy to fold and would fit anything you want to fold. We developed also a mobile application that will assist by providing you with instructions on how to fold after you input the dimensions of the product. This is the best packaging material for eCommerce that you can use to ship your goods. To become more resourceful, well-organized and also address environmental, apprehend your overall packing and shipping procedures and practices, labor use, materials and shipping prices.

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