How to fold packing boxes – In 4 easy steps

Packing is significant in our lives today since it is something we can’t manage without. Beginning from where we purchase things from the eCommerce store to when we have to move things starting with one spot then onto the next, we require packaging.

Packaging boxes are generally utilized when products are intended to be shipped starting with one area then onto the next. They are valuable for this situation since they make packaging, transporting and offloading extremely simple. The best material used to make packing boxes is cardboard sheets.

Here at JustFoldMe, our imaginative thought regarding cardboard boxes has taken packaging to another level and made essential tasks connected with transportation simpler, proficient and monetary. In this article, we will address you on how to fold packing boxes with the utilization of our one of a kind cardboard sheet. So I recommend you read through the article so you won’t miss any information especially those of you who are in e-commerce business.


Cardboard sheets cut to size

The cardboard sheets we offer here at JustFoldMe are very unique – they can be cut to the size of the product, without adding any air bubbles and other stuff to avoid damage. They can be used to make packing boxes for any item of your choice no matter the size. You can make boxes for gifts, beer, books, wine bottles and so on. All that is required is that you cut the cardboard sheet to the size of what is needed to package a particular. I know some of you are already asking, “How do I know the right size to cut?” leave that to us. You will find the answer in this article, we will show you how to fold packing boxes to any size that you want.



This is the piece of the article that you have to focus on. You will be offered bit by bit directions on the best way to fold the cardboard sheet you buy from us at It is actually a skill to know how to fold packing boxes so this is an open door for you to obtain expertise. At the point when you make a request from JustFoldMe, you get 10 perforated cardboard sheets (32 x 16 inch/80 x 40 cm). You will likewise be given our mobile application that is perfect with your smartphone. The application will offer you knowledge about what you are going to package, how it will be and the estimations that will be required. You can get the application to your smartphone or go to our site.

how to fold boxStage 1

Acquire a measuring tape and take the estimation of width, depth, and height of the item you need to fold. For instance, in the event that you need to package a bottle of wine, you have to gauge the depth, width, and height of the bottle and insert them in our wizard. This will give you the length of a cardboard sheet that would be required to pack the bottle.

Stage 2

In the wake of getting the length of the cardboard sheet you need from the application, take out the cardboard that you purchased from us and cut out the measurement. This will be your working sheet, the rest of the cardboard sheet ought to be kept aside and not discarded in light of the fact that it can at present be utilized later on to package another thing.


Stage 3

The following thing you have to do is to cut the working sheet but this time it will be done in a different manner. You have to cut the working into three on the two sides, this implies you will cut the sheet multiple times parallel to one another on the two sides.

Stage 4

From that point forward, the following activity is fold. Fold the bit of cardboard you have multiple times then get a tape. Tape the folded edges (ensure you tape them together), after that you can close the box.

What you just made is a packing box ready to be shipped anywhere.  At the point when you take your product and put it in the box, you will see that your product fits appropriately with the size of the box. This will uncover to you how sorted out and straightforward our technique for folding packing boxes is. You can attempt it presently by buying your cardboard sheet from us (JustFoldMe) and following the means we have listed previously. The cardboard sheet is made to be sufficiently able to suffer pressure from within and outside without bowing. Most extreme adaptability is an element of the length between each fold. In picking your ideal box, you need to consider the length of each fold which is intended to give you the most extreme adaptability.



The below are few things about cardboard boxes that I felt you should have an idea of. Here they are:

  • Cardboard boxes will be boxes made of thick, profound, solid paper which is known as cardboard, and their sorts involve nourishment boxes, packaging boxes, oat boxes, and capacity boxes.
  • Cardboard boxes have been utilized to picture vagrancy since certain individuals living on the roads have utilized them as a position of security (to make a home for themselves).
  • Some cardboard boxes are discarded consistently, in any case, most types are recyclable, however, the maker thinks that it is progressively hard to reuse some with interesting coatings.
  • In the mid-twentieth century, cardboard boxes subbed boxes and wooden cases, the explanation is that they are progressively down to earth and lighter.
  • The most naturally agreeable cardboard boxes packaging arrangement available is the folded cardboard boxes. They are innocuous and biodegradable. They are produced using old cardboard that has been reused.
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes are produced using three separate layers of dark-colored specialty paper; these layers of the paper are then folded and combined utilizing a cement to make the ideal creased cardboard.
  • Cardboard can be utilized to make an assortment of things running from feline houses, magazine holders to fun posts and fowl feeders. Consequently, associations use it as their standard to ship their items. After complete utilization of cardboard boxes, it can at present be reused for sometime later.
  • Cardboard is light, solid, and proficient to convey. Utilizing cardboard to deliver items is more affordable and it gives online buyers simple access to their items without paying high ship charges. In extra, cardboard boxes are definitely not difficult to gather, dismantle, and attach. Because of this, cardboard packaging has helped the business from multiple points of view.



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