How much does Etsy advertising cost

All the Etsy sellers tend to boost their sales and grow their business. Some of them are trying to use organic search, free channels like targeted Facebook groups and other social media platforms. But when it comes to testing or you need quick results, then Etsy ads would be the best option. In this article, we are going to describe How much does Etsy advertising costs so you can make easier calculations of your product price.

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Etsy offers sellers numerous advertising channels to promote their listings and/or shops. Etsy Ads display a seller’s listings or shops prominently on Etsy’s websites and mobile apps. Ads are displayed in one or more locations, such as users’ search results, based on at least four main ranking factors: search relevancy, listing quality (including compliance with Etsy’s policies), the bids to display the listing, and for some listings, likelihood of views or sales. You may choose to promote some or all of your listings or shops as Etsy Ads.



Let’s start with the daily budget. Etsy now allows you to spend from $1 to $50 a day, so the minimum is $1, and the maximum is $50.

Etsy advertising costs depend on the cost per click (CPC) price you pay. So if your listing CPC is $0.2 and you get 100 clicks, the cost is $20. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any tool which shows expected average CPC on Etsy, so you will need to find yourself how much is your CPC when you start your first campaign.

One important suggestion: If you are a beginner in Etsy ads, disable auto bidding. Set a global max CPC of $0.05 and see how it works. Wait for a month. If you’re not getting enough traffic or if you’re turning a profit, try increasing the bid to $0.06, then $0.07 and so on. With a higher bid you will be getting more traffic but also have a lower ROI (return on investment). With some tweaking, you will find the perfect balance of ROI and turnover.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to start with Etsy ads if you are a new seller. Promoted listings work off of your SEO. If your titles, tags, and description are not solid, the system won’t make the best matches with potential customers, and you will most likely lose money. Wait 6 months to a year, and really nail down your titles, tags, and descriptions first. If you have your SEO fine-tuned, then go for it. I started with a $1.00 daily max and $0.03 per click max.

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However, it depends on case to case How much does Etsy advertising cost. You’ll have to find that out yourself – it varies by category and by item.

Fortunately, Etsy does track who clicked your ads and what they bought from your store after clicking. After two months see how many sales you got, and calculate your ratio. Worst case, you’re out $50.



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