How much do cardboard boxes cost?

Concerned about packing hundreds of grocery pieces? Did you break some expensive goods earlier while shipping? If so, cardboard boxes can be your one-stop-shop to all storage problems. If you’re new to e-commerce, note that even the experts rely on cardboard boxes for shipping hundreds of goods worldwide. But how much do cardboard boxes cost? Keep following to learn more about cardboard boxes cost and how to use them.

Cardboard boxes are one of the most used packaging materials to ship items. As safe as it is, people often mistake it as a huge sum to their expense. Well, that is not the case. Cardboard is an inexpensive, durable, and lightweight material.

Are Cardboard Boxes Too Costly?

“How much do cardboard boxes cost?” is probably one of the most asked questions among eCommerce businesses and individuals who want to ship different size items.
As discussed earlier, cardboard boxes aren’t much expensive as anticipated by most people – including you. First of all, it is important to know why you need them in the first place. Do you own an e-commerce store and want to shift to a durable packaging? If so, you probably need them in bulk and in different sizes.
In such cases, it is nearly impossible to find pre-made boxes of the exact size you need. This is where Just Fold Me’s cardboard sheets come in handy. You can cut a single sheet to 1300+ Box Sizes. Note that these Cardboard sheets are used to ship small items like books, grocery items, and other personal belongings. You can make from 5x5x5cm to a maximum of 60x20x20cm box with a single JustFoldMe Cardboard Sheet.

When it comes to the pricing, a single cardboard sheet cost you around €1. However, it is recommended to buy in bulk as you might be able to get a discount. The pricing varies according to the size and grid of cardboard.

The overall cost of the cardboard boxes depends on how many items you want to ship per month. Thereby, it is nearly impossible to anticipate the exact cost of your cardboard packaging.


How Many JustFoldMe Cardboard Sheets Do I Need?

We’ve talked about the pricing and size, but how many sheets would you need to ship or store? Well, it all depends on your usage. For instance, bigger e-commerce entities that ship thousands of products monthly will buy accordingly. In any case, here is how you can determine how many boxes would you need:

  • Number of products to be shipped monthly
  • The average size of your products

When the size of each product varies, JustFoldMe sheets come in handy that you can cut into any size or dimensions.

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The next crucial consideration is storage. If you are in need of different retail box sizes and do not have space to store them or, moreover if you want to minimize the cost of storage space, you need to find a solution that saves on warehouse place. The issue of minimum quantity order requirement can hinder all of the above, but luckily JustFoldMe solves all three at once.</span>
<h2>VIDEO: How to make simple DIY cardboard box</h2>
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IMPORTANT! To make this process easier you can use the wizard on the website: <a href=””></a> Follow the steps in our calculator: 1. Measure your item 2. Insert length, width, heigh in calculator 3. Click INSTRUCTIONS and then click GUIDE button 4. CUT OUT the desired cardboard size. Perforated cardboard sheets can be found<a href=””> here.</a>  5. CUT the cardboard 3 times on both sides as our wizard is showing 6. FOLD the piece of cardboard 3 times. 7. TAPE the folded edges together. 8. CLOSE both sides of the box. 9. WELL DONE! Your small shipping box is ready for shipping.

Overall Thoughts

Cardboard boxes are specifically designed to optimally protect goods during shipping and transportation. Thus, feel free to store even the most sensitive products. Unlike plastic packaging, there is no need to worry about damages, wear, tear etc.

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