Find the 2020s best e-commerce different size packaging boxes in Europe for different retail box sizes

Running an e-commerce business means you have to deliver to your customers – and deliver on your promise.
That is why choosing the right cardboard boxes is one of the most important decisions, especially if you are an e-commerce company with multiple products in need of different size packaging boxes. Then your promise extends not only to your customers, but to the environment as well.

Where to buy different size packaging boxes in Europe with no minimum order quantity required in 2020?

E-commerce businesses around the globe are facing questions like: how to minimize costs of ordering different size boxes due to MOQ, how to solve inefficient packing and shipping due to oversized packaging, how to save on storage space and reduce carbon imprint. While still satisfying the customer and delivering the product safely. Not to mention that minimum order quantity – which usually begins at 5000+, does not help your case at all.

As an e-commerce start-up or company with multiple products you must be on the lookout for:

  • packing material that fits your product
  • multi-product size e-commerce packaging boxes
  • no minimum order quantity required.


What is the difference between soft and hard packaging supplies?

Soft packaging are lightweight bags or pouches sealed with heat or pressure. They can be customized with ease but offer minimal protection during shipment. Soft packaging supplies are therefore meant for products which cannot be damaged in transport.

Hard packaging supplies usually include cardboard boxes, tin cans, plastic boxes, glass containers, and aluminium bottles and so on. They offer better protection and are more suitable for shipping books, electronics, and glass products – different size products which are fragile and at risk for damage during transport.

Choosing the right packaging method is essential, since it guarantees your products are secure during transport, and provides adequate transport-safety standards. Look for packaging material that prevents your product from moving freely inside the packaging, so it will arrive to your customer’s doorstep unharmed.

With the right packaging material you:

  • protect the company’s overall profit by minimizing waste
  • ensure a safe transport without damage
  • make a positive impact on your customer and the environment.

Find a box fits you, not the other way around.

What can replace plastic shipping supplies?

From biodegradable materials, organic fabrics, seaweed packaging to recycled materials. Say goodbye to plastic shipping supplies and say hello to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Especially to one that solves three problems at once:

  • the case of empty space in cartons
  • degradability
  • minimum order quantity requirement.

At JustFoldMe we present an innovative approach – cardboard sheets that can be folded into different retail box sizes to fit any of your product perfectly.

With JustFoldMe you can:

  • make more than 1300 different box sizes from one cardboard sheet
  • reduce empty space in your packaging and prevent damage
  • buy hard packaging with no minimum order quantity required
  • save on warehouse place.

Packing smaller products in boxes too big is now a thing of the past. And so is the cost of bubble wrap.

Is cardboard really biodegradable?

Cardboard is a carbon based material, therefore it is biodegradable. It usually takes approximately two months for cardboard to degrade, however this time period can vary depending on environmental conditions. Cardboard is an ideal material for packaging, since your customers can reuse it or recycle it, not just throw it in the bin. 

Where to find the best different size packaging boxes in 2020?

To ensure your product gets delivered unharmed you need to use strong, reliable packaging supplies. If you are thinking about finding the best possible cardboard hard packing solution in Europe you need to choose high quality cartoon, something recycled materials cannot yet guarantee in 2020. 

The next crucial consideration is storage. If you are in need of different retail box sizes and do not have space to store them or, moreover if you want to minimize the cost of storage space, you need to find a solution that saves on warehouse place. The issue of minimum quantity order requirement can hinder all of the above, but luckily JustFoldMe solves all three at once.

VIDEO: How to make simple DIY cardboard box

IMPORTANT! To make this process easier you can use the wizard on the website: Follow the steps in our calculator: 1. Measure your item 2. Insert length, width, heigh in calculator 3. Click INSTRUCTIONS and then click GUIDE button 4. CUT OUT the desired cardboard size. Perforated cardboard sheets can be found here.  5. CUT the cardboard 3 times on both sides as our wizard is showing 6. FOLD the piece of cardboard 3 times. 7. TAPE the folded edges together. 8. CLOSE both sides of the box. 9. WELL DONE! Your small shipping box is ready for shipping.

JustFoldMe cardboard sheets are:

  • made out of high quality cartoon
  • storage friendly, taking up minimal space in comparison to premade cardboard boxes
  • without a minimum order quantity required
  • easily foldable into boxes of different sizes with the help of our mobile calculator app.

Pack lightly. Think green. Get to know JustFoldMe.


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