Best Shipping Boxes for Books – Where to Buy Boxes for Shipping Books

To ensure safe delivery of your Books, make sure your package fits to the book size without using air bubbles.

  1. Books need to be packed tightly – you have to reduce empty space in your packaging and prevent damage
  2. Consider using cardboard best shipping boxes for books especially when sending more than 3 books. Do not simply wrap the books in paper/plastic or use soft packaging.


Where to Buy Boxes for Shipping Books?

This sophisticated JustFoldMe packaging for shipping books makes it easy to package books and ship them directly to the reader safely. You can buy cardboard white or brown sheets here.

IMPORTANT! To make this process easier you can use the wizard on the website: Follow the steps in our calculator: 1. Measure your book 2. Insert length, width, heigh in calculator 3. Click INSTRUCTIONS and then click GUIDE button 4. CUT OUT the desired cardboard size. Perforated cardboard sheets can be found here.  5. CUT the cardboard 3 times on both sides as our wizard is showing 6. FOLD the piece of cardboard 3 times. 7. TAPE the folded edges together. 8. CLOSE both sides of the box. 9. WELL DONE! Your book is ready for shipping.

Please consider that waste of cardboard sheet can be used for another shipping box.


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