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To protect the product from damage, the packaging is done. The better the packaging is, the more the product will be safe. So, spending a little more time in finding the best packaging material proves beneficial. Today we will talk about Which is the best place to buy packing supplies online?

Product packaging plays an important role in your customer’s satisfaction more than you think. Product packaging is meant to communicate a purpose that needs to be fulfilled.

There are different types of packing materials you can use, for example, plastic, cardboards, and sacks.

What is cardboard you may ask?

cardboard sheets for making different size shipping box

Cardboard made of thick paper sheets is used in packaging. They are very common among other packaging types. Cardboards can be easily handled and give an overall good look when turns into a packaging box.

Carboard packing is preferred over other packaging types because of its quality and versatility. It is the most durable and strong packaging type which keeps the packaging safe enough.

Businesses should consider this type of packaging because the most important thing that keeps a business going is customer satisfaction. If the product they receive is in damaged form, they will definitely not buy again.

Moreover, cardboard material is cheaper as compared to other packaging materials. The other thing that matters a lot is the packaging cost. Especially at the start of the online business, the budget matters a lot. Cardboard packaging can prove beneficial for them as it is highly affordable and long-lasting.

Cardboard boxes are biodegradable. Because of their eco-friendly characteristics, they are preferred by many businesses. If thrown away after the utilization, these cardboard boxes will decompose. Another good thing about cardboards is that they are multifunctional. Besides using them for the purpose of shipping and transport, you can use cardboards to serve food.

Why prefer cardboards over plastic packaging?

There are different packaging materials, but eco-friendly property should be the priority. You can’t compromise on the quality because often your parcels take a lot of time in shipment and the product safety depends on the packaging. Before shipment, you should take the time to think and choose the right material that fits to your needs. Cardboards have made this decision easier for you. So, you don’t need to worry anymore about the packaging material and go with this versatile cardboard option.

The high-quality construction of cardboards allows the safe packaging of heavy products. Cardboards also protects the product against moisturizer. They are considered the most sustainable packaging option.

While considering the quality of the material, you should also consider the cost of the product. You don’t want to compromise on the quality but at the same time, you want the material that doesn’t costs much. Cardboards are not very expensive. The material used in creating carboards is not much costly.

The cardboards are also recyclable. They don’t require much space. You can easily fold them up and when in need you can unfold them and use for the packaging of other products.


Where can you buy packing supplies?

There are many online stores where you can buy packing supplies. However, before making a purchase make sure if there are minimum order quantity required, if cardboard box size fits to products and you do not need additional “safety” materials.

JustFoldMe cardboard sheets for making personalized cardboard boxes

JustFoldMe is a packaging supply store that sells cardboard perforated sheets online. If you are looking for different size packing supplies without minimum order quantity, then this could be best place to buy packing supplies online. You can even use their online and mobile instructions for speed up folding process.

You can easily pack your product because each sheet is perforated up to 5cm (2 inches). These cardboard sheets are very durable and make your packaging easy. But once again! Simple online instructions are one of the biggest advantages of this folding concept.


Cardboards in form of custom boxes are utilized by many businesses around the globe. They can be easily personalized to fit the needs of your business and even private requirements f.e. selling second-hand products and ship from your home.

What gives this website an edge over other websites is that you can create a custom order by selecting the size of your own choice. This is very helpful when you need to send parcels of different sizes and you don’t have the right size cardboard for each parcel. These versatile cardboard sheets allow you to make boxes of more than 1300 different sizes. So, you can do your packaging with just a few cuts and folds. Besides having all these benefits, another best thing about this product is that it is very handy and user-friendly.

EXAMPLE: How to package and ship clothing Items from home like a professional with JustFoldMe cardboard sheets


You can get in touch with this store to get these customized carboards at reasonable prices. Then go to the webshop and save money on packing supplies by getting your first order at 20% off with promo code “VIPCLUB”.


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