Best packing material for fragile products

Looking for the best packing material for fragile products? Shipping different size products is tough, but the shipping of a fragile product can even be tougher. You need to be extra alert because if the product gets damaged or broken, there is the need to bear the loss and console unhappy customers. Fragile products can include anything that is easily broken, ranging from glassware to antiques and a lot more. These special products can be made by any material, that includes crystal and ceramic, and extra attention is required before shipping.

In an ideal world, when shipping fragile products through a mail they often will arrive in perfect condition, just the way it was when it was shipped off a crisp, of a clean box without any faults or damage, making sure that the contents are in a good shape. No matter which shipping carriage you employ in delivering your products, of which the reality should be nothing can prevent the unavoidable bumps or accidents as it gets transported from one point to another. So if you’re planning on shipping a fragile product, be prepared on proper packaging and shipping them properly! By applying this you can limit shipping breakable products both domestically and overseas much better and less stressful.


What is the best packaging material?

For instance, electronics for its packaging needs pink anti-static foam or a bubble wrap for the prevention of electrostatic discharge while they are transported to their destinations. The use of custom foam insert is the best for shipping fragile or irregular shapes. Here are some materials you can use in packaging and some fragile ship products are;

  • The use of cardboard boxes
  • The standard packing tape or reinforced tape for heavy items
  • paper material for wrapping
  • bubble wrap
  • other forms of packaging materials, such as foam inserts

Here are the most common packaging materials that are used for packaging fragile products are as follows;

Pink Anti-Static foam or bubble wrap

The use of pink anti-static foam or bubble wrap is used in the electronics to prevent the building up of electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharge occurs when two objects come together and build up an electrostatic charge. Electrostatic discharge not only damages your shipment but can also cause an increment of shock injury to workers.


Bubble out bags with lip and tape

Bubble out bags is secured by the use of lip and tape, which you can be able to keep little fragile products it contains during shipping. One of the things we don’t want is seeing small products (like jewellery) to move about or been mixed up with other products during shipping. In order to avoid it, the use of Sealable bubble bags will help to stop this from occurring.


Custom foam inserts

Custom foam inserts are the best while shipping products that are fragile or irregularly shaped. This way you can pick one that is distinctive to the product you need to ship. With this, fragile products are better protected from damage when it’s been shipped.  More so, it is difficult for a fragile product to get damaged when it is protected by custom foam in all directions.


Others include;

  • The use of packing tape is very useful for securing boxes.
  • A fitted-sized box. Of a point to take note of, the box should have the accurate dimensions for the fragile item, being a comfortable fit but leaving enough space for packaging materials in order to aid transporting the product safely.
  • The use of airbags for filling the empty space left in the box. These are meant for products with sharp edges.
  • By the use of packing peanuts can also aid in filling in any voids. The preeminent way is to seal the box with some packing peanuts on the bottom of it, placing the item in and fill the rest of the box in with the remaining packing peanuts.
  • By using foam enclosures. If you plan on using them, be sure they’re made to the terms of the product you’re shipping.
  • Crumpled craft paper is another form and very simple but good material for filling in gaps in your shipping box. For the best outcome, place about two inches of crumpled paper between the fragile product and the wall of the box.
  • Corrugated inserts can be used in order to strength the package and increase its durability.

Cardboard sheets cut to size

But here at JustFoldMe we are more creative with our packaging and make use of a very special innovative product to carry out our shipping and packaging services. At JustFoldMe we present an advanced approach of use of a cardboard sheet that can be folded into different retail box sizes to fit any of your products perfectly you want. By using our cardboard perforated sheets you can make different size shipping boxes from it. Our enormous advantage is that from our product you can make numerous sizes without any added air bubbles in a shipping box and we offer a mobile app that aids you to fold your shipping box under a minute. This is applicable also for fragile products because there is no AIR amid product and cardboard box.

Advantages of cardboard sheets

  • It is a multi-product size e-commerce for packaging boxes
  • It has no minimum order quantity required
  • It is the best packaging material for fragile products
  • It can be used to replace plastic materials
  • It is a biodegradable material.

Cardboard is a carbon-based material, and therefore it is biodegradable. It only takes at an estimate of two months for cardboard to degrade, however, it’s time can vary and it is dependent on the environmental conditions. Cardboard is the perfect material for packaging, of which your customers can reuse it or recycle it, and not just dispose of it.

We can strongly say that the best packaging material for fragile products is cardboard sheets. The world has evolved and so have we advanced in our packaging style with the use of cardboard sheets.  Any material that is non-biodegradable is not suitable for packaging, the same goes for plastics because they are lots of disadvantages attached to them. Fragile items are supposed to be handled with care and surrounded by soft material, cartons made from cardboard provide this feature and make packaging and shipping safer for fragile items.

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