Why choose JustFoldMe cardboard sheet?


Perforated Grid

Cut out to do the job. Each cardboard sheet is perforated every 2 inches (i.e. 5 cm) for easy cutting and folding into a box of the desired size. Despite perforations the cardboard remains durable and suitable for boxing any product.


Easy Mobile Instructions

Type the size of your product in our mobile calculator app. With just a few simple clicks you will get easy custom instructions to fold your box. Follow five easy steps and your packaging is done.

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Multiple Size Boxes

JustFoldMe cardboard sheets enable you to make more than 1300 different size boxes. No need for stockpiling multiple boxes, we give you the flexibility you need when packaging your products.

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JustFoldMe Cardboard Sheets (10 pcs)


Sheet? For real?

No minimum order quantity required
Easy folding with help of our mobile calculator app.
One cardboard sheet for multiple size cardboard boxes.
A cardboard box of any size for a single price.

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I was sceptical at first, but after making my first different box size with the justfoldme cardboard sheets I found it very intuitive to make any box I wanted with just a few cuts and folds. I just followed their simple instructions. I really recommend to anyone who needs different box sizes and doesnt have the space to store old boxes. Will definitely buy again.

By Larap

I had been looking for something like this as I send a fair amount of parcels that are all different sizes. It is a bit more expensive and takes a bit more time than i would have liked, but it does the job and time required improves with experience.


If you never have the right size of cardboard box to post something in, try these. It just needs a bit of planning, and you can make just what you need. After you’ve made the first one you’ll get the hang of it, though there are instructions included. I’ve posted breakable items in a box I made from this kit with no problem.

By R. Turner

Fold it like a pro.

Insert the product’s size to generate customized instructions.

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